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The Howard Print Shop LLC was established in 1987 by David Howard, an Army veteran, and his wife, Peggy. They were inspired by the desire to fill a need for quality printing at a fair price for missionaries and churches. In their over 30 year history, they have had the privilege of growing to serve businesses and individuals in Howard County and around the globe. While the shop was started as a family business, it has grown and now employs additional staff members that work along side the Howard family.

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Bindery / Delivery

Assisting Print Shops Around the World

Romania Print Shop

Owners, David and Peggy Howard, partnered with Evangelical Baptist Missions and Romanian nationals to start a print shop located in Arad, Romania in 1991. Equipment was donated by various businesses and individuals and sent over to Arad. Two Romanian men, Mircea Aioanei and Traian Deznan, came to the United States for three months of training at the Howard Print Shop. It was determined that these Romanian men needed on-site help in order to get the donated equipment up and running and train others in the necessary skills for the different areas in the print shop. In 1993, Bruce Howard and his wife and daughter moved to Romania for two years to train workers in the print shop. The print shop continues to translate and produce books and Christian materials for pastors and churches today.

Ukraine Print Shop

They also partnered with Read Ministries and Ukrainian nationals to begin another print shop in the Ukraine. In early 1999 David Howard, owner of The Howard Print Shop LLC., was invited by George Johnson, working through the Minnesota Baptist Conference to assist in establishing a print shop in the Ukraine. The primary goal of his trip to Kremenchuk, Ukraine was to assess the needs and meet with the Ukrainians that would be actually operating the shop. After equipment was shipped and received in the Ukraine, David returned and spent time training the staff on the use of that equipment. The primary purpose of this print shop is to reproduce Christian materials for pastors and Christians and they are successfully running strong today!

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